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  • Motivation to Keep Going

    Motivation to Keep Going

    It’s been two weeks since the year began. How are your goals? I’ll bet at this point real life has complicated completing the goals. Given up yet? If yes, start again. No, good job and keep going. Here is some motivation to keep you going. Motivation by Remembering What reasons do you have for starting […]

  • 10 Rewards for Completing Goals

    10 Rewards for Completing Goals

    The best part of goals comes at the end, the rewards for succeeding. I struggle with choosing plausible and motivational rewards. Often my rewards cost too much or not motivational. The right reward must include what you truly desire at an affordable price. Sometimes you might need to do little extra planning, but generally the […]

  • 2021 Goals For Sanity

    2021 Goals For Sanity

    My husband jokes that 2020 was the apocalypse on training mode. He then wonders what level one will bring. While an amusing joke, it hits close to home. We did not expect 2020 and I have no idea what 2021 will bring. I can’t control the world. I can control me, so I went ahead […]

  • Celebrating the New Year Alone

    Celebrating the New Year Alone

    This year had been different. Many people find their plans changed from previous years. Most parties may be canceled or extremely limited in number. You may find yourself celebrating the New Year alone. Instead of focusing on the negative of celebrating alone, focus on the positive. Bed Time When celebrating alone at home, you don’t […]

  • How to Create New Year’s Resolutions

    How to Create New Year’s Resolutions

    Christmas has ended and the new year is here. The new year can symbolize a new beginning. For this reason many people create new year’s resolutions. It gives them a focus for the year. Unfortunately, most people, including me, rarely complete the goal. Let’s discuss some ways to create a new year’s resolution that we […]

  • Combatting Depression During The Holidays

    Combatting Depression During The Holidays

    The holidays bring joy, love, and happiness. The holidays bring pain, heartache, and struggle. Filled with highs and lows the holidays can be difficult to manage. It can become even more difficult if you are already combatting depression in everyday life. I struggle with depression on a daily basis and have for several years. I’ve […]

  • Have Your Pie and Eat it Too – Holiday Weight

    Have Your Pie and Eat it Too – Holiday Weight

    Oh, the weather outside is cooling,The holidays approaching.Oh, the food will soon be piling,And my weight will soon be growing.Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Does that little parody on “Let It Snow” sound like you during the holidays? Most people probably choose weight loss as a new year resolution just to […]

  • 20 Goals to Do Before I Turn 40

    20 Goals to Do Before I Turn 40

    This year, I turn 35 years old, or as my husband puts it I am leveling up. In most games to level up, certain goals and skills must be accomplished. If I have to level up to 40 in five years, then I decided to create 20 goals and skills to complete. While I may […]

  • Depression – My Story

    Depression – My Story

    Basic Information About Depression According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working.” Even though depression is common, it should not be ignored. Types Though there are several […]

  • How To Go 30 Days With NO Dessert

    How To Go 30 Days With NO Dessert

    I love dessert chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, cookies, and candy. I will frequently eat dessert after lunch and dinner, sometimes as a snack too. All this sweet eating does not help me become healthy. I know it, but I feel addicted to eating a dessert, preferably chocolate. As you can imagine, I am not meeting […]