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  • The Hidden Door – Never Have I Ever

    The Hidden Door – Never Have I Ever

    The girls slowly congregated in my room. I could see the reluctance on their faces. It reminded me of the first day of school and the dreaded getting to know you games. Like those teachers, I practically glared at, I smiled brightly and invited the girls to sit down. Emma and Kylie showed up last. […]

  • The Hidden Door – Students Arrive

    The Hidden Door – Students Arrive

    The week before the students arrived passed quickly. I spent most of the time in the library organizing and shelving books. Also, I pulled the books Laura would need for her language arts classes and set them aside. I also kept working on going up the ladder a few more times. While I was not […]

  • The Hidden Door – Midnight Wanderings

    The Hidden Door – Midnight Wanderings

    After fleeing dinner, I unpacked and paced my room. Today had been an exciting day, but I still felt restless. I tried laying down to sleep, but my mind ran in circles. Frustrated I pushed back the covers, and slipped into my slippers. At my window, I could see the almost full moon high in […]

  • The Hidden Door – Meeting The Others

    The Hidden Door – Meeting The Others

    After washing off my face, I headed to the double doors that Caden had indicated earlier as the dining room. As I approached the doors, I could hear a low murmur of voices. I knew many of the teachers had arrived the week before to set up their classrooms. As the librarian, I did not […]

  • Open Love Letter To My Spouse

    My Dear Cree, I remember how we met. In my second year of college, I had arrived early because of band camp. Immediately, I went to the library to find a few books to occupy my time. While there this cute, tall guy asked for help finding a book. I helped you and returned back […]

  • The Hidden Door – Heights Are Not My Thing

    I spent a happy time exploring the library. Finally, I turned to the shelf ladders. Biting my lip, I looked up to the top. “Ok, Cassie,” I muttered, “It’s not that high, you can do it. It’s your job.” Taking one last deep breath in and out, I reached out my slightly shaky hand and […]

  • The Hidden Door – A Serial Story

    The Hidden Door – A Serial Story

    Distracted By Books Caden Laroy had already disappeared around the corner as I hurried down the steps. Just as I saw him waiting for me on the landing with the door I came through, I stumbled over an uneven step, right into his arms. Quickly pulling away, I could feel the heat in my cheeks […]

  • The Hidden Door – A Serial Story

    The Door in the Tower Still unsure of how people would react to my exploring I decided to head upstairs. I was already on the third floor. How high could this place go? The fourth floor looked similar to the third with rows of doors with discrete numbers. This time I turned right at the […]

  • The Hidden Door – Serial Story Part 3

    The Hidden Door – Serial Story Part 3

    Exploring My Floor I did not bring much with me, so I finished unpacking pretty quickly. I still had several hours until dinner. Looking at my bookshelf with my favorite novels, I thought about rereading until then. Yet my eyes strayed to my door. The students would be here soon and then I would be […]

  • I Didn’t Want to Write Today

    I Didn’t Want to Write Today

    No, seriously. I didn’t want to write today. Already I have gone through three or four possible topics. Yet none of them captured my interest enough to actually write about it. Now I know sometimes we have to write about things we don’t like, but usually, something catches my interest enough to write a little. […]