Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week One

Obesity Code Week Three

In his book “The Obesity Code” Dr. Jason Fung Contends that insulin resistance makes people fat. His advice to lose weight consists of reducing insulin resistance. To lose the weight and keep it off he recommends a combination of eating right and intermittent fasting.

Reasons for Dieting

After two pregnancies, my weight has increased greatly. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute BMI calculator, I am obese. With this and my family history of diabetes, I decided to try out his advice along with my husband. We decided to do the 24 hour intermittent fasting. This means we would start fasting after dinner and continue fasting until dinner the next day, or in other words, we would fast for two meals. We chose as healthy as possible meals for dinners and for our full eating days.

This diet requires planning and stubbornness. First you have to plan when to fast and what to eat, trying to stay as healthy as possible. Then, you have to be stubborn enough to stick with the fasting even when hungry and not overeat after fasting.

Week One

As warned by Dr. Fung in the book the first day of fasting is not easy. Both my husband and I drank lots of water to mitigate the pangs of hunger. Unfortunately we forgot to buy bone broth or bones so we made do with the bouillon cubes, until we could buy the bone broth for day two. I know that we should avoiding bouillon cubes but since starting is often the hardest thing I chose to cheat a little and keep going. Throughout week one, I have realized that dinner becomes even more delicious after fasting.

To start this diet we had two 24 hour periods of fast, which meant we didn’t eat Breakfast or lunch but had dinner. Tuesday marked our first full day of eating breakfast lunch and dinner. I was curious as to what would happen with our weight when we actually ate for a day. Surprisingly, especially since we ended up eating fast food for dinner, my weight didn’t go up. It didn’t drop from the day before but it didn’t go up either.

As the week continued, I noticed that I could more easily ignore the hunger during the fasts. I also became a little more likely to cheat a little for dinner. My energy stayed normal and even increased.


I have not seen a significant amount of weight loss, only about two pounds, after week one. I am happy with this amount as that is a healthy amount to lose each week. Also, I could see a slight reduction of fat around my stomach area. All of this encourages me as we head into week two.

As I begin week two of this diet I plan to stick better to the healthy planned meals. I also plan to be better at starting the fast after dinner rather than a few hours after dinner. Hopefully I will see even more improvement.

If you are interested in doing intermittent fasting as part of your weight loss please discuss it with a doctor and monitor your health during the time period.

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