Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Two

Obesity Code Week Three

Following “The Obesity Code” requires a lot of patience and stubbornness. Not any easier than week one I find week two to be slightly harder. The first week has the motivation and excitement to see what happens fueling your diet. On week two the diet starts becoming more mundane.

Week Two

My hunger has grown during my fast days. To control this hunger I drink water, sparkling water, and bone broth. None of these are extremely flavorful, but they trick my stomach into thinking I have had some food.

My energy levels have remained normal. In fact, I feel more tired on the days I eat, than the days I fast. This might have something to do with the amount water that I drink. I drink a lot more water on my fast days than eating days.

I still feel that I am eating too much after the fast or even regular eating day. Despite this, I have continued to lose a slight amount of weight. I lost about two more pounds during week two. Also, I noticed my stomach feels a little flatter. Just for fun, I tried on a dress I have not been able to wear for the past six months. While the dress was still a little too tight, I could zip up the zipper. Maybe in a few more weeks I can wear the dress.


I will continue trying out the obesity code diet as the results please me. I may not be doing measurements, but I noticed my clothes are easier to put on. Again, I do not know if this diet works because of the restricted calories, healthy eating, or a lowering of insulin, but I am pleased. For week three I hope the fasting period becomes easier to handle and I lose more weight.

If you are interested in doing intermittent fasting as part of your weight loss please discuss it with a doctor and monitor your health during the time period.

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