Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Three

Obesity Code Week Three

Week three was a failure. Yet, to be more positive, it was an experiment. On week three I tried fasting the three days a week as normal, yet failed. On Wednesday, I did not fast. I felt so hungry I chose to eat a salad rather than fast. Eventually I found myself snacking. With in one day, I had reverted back to my old eating habits.

Week Three

When I realized I was not going to be able to exert my willpower to fast, I decided to make this week my experiment. According to Dr. Fung in “The Obesity Code” this intermittent fasting allows your insulin level to reset, reducing insulin resistance, and lowering weight. He also says that if this is done than the weight will not pop back on as soon as you start eating normally. Since I ate like normal, I decided to see what would happen to my weight.


By the end of the week, my weight had increased almost two pounds. I still weighed less than when I started two weeks earlier, but I had gained weight. It probably did not help that I snacked late the night before on lots of carbohydrates. Throughout the few weeks I have been doing this diet, my stomach has been getting slightly flatter. I think my stomach stayed the same, without really ballooning out.

In conclusion, for a diet I think this one works pretty well. I lost a steady two pounds in week one and week two. When I was unable to do the diet during week three, I did not gain as much as I had previously lost. I believe I will continue doing this diet to help me lose the necessary weight, especially during the holiday season.

If you are interested in doing intermittent fasting as part of your weight loss please discuss it with a doctor and monitor your health during the time period. I have recently been to the doctor and am considered healthy if obese. My goal is to be healthy. I plan to do this through diet, right now the obesity code, and exercise.

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