Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions
Christmas Traditions

Traditions are fun and have continuity, usually something you enjoy doing. Christmas traditions can start years ago or today. A tradition just has to be something you want to do each year. For example, when I was a child, my family would go to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. We would watch or perform The Nativity and open a present. I loved this tradition. Unfortunately, we do not live near enough family to continue this tradition. Instead I have tried to come up with new traditions for my family.

Christmas Countdown Traditions

One of my favorite countdown traditions involves books. In my family, I gather all the Christmas story books we have. I try to get at least 23. If I need more I chose books about giving and caring for others. I will then read one story each night starting December 1st. On December 24th we read or watch The Nativity. Try this tradition this year. Read a Christmas story each night until Christmas. Some people suggest wrapping the books so that the children unwrap a book each day, but I am too lazy and just gather the books together. Reading is a fun way to become excited for Christmas and teach about giving.

A popular countdown option can be bought almost anywhere. This countdown usually counts either from 1 to 24 or 24 to 1. It can be a chocolate eaten each day, or an object to hang. For my family we have a hanging tree with pockets for the ornaments. Each day we take out one ornament to hang on the little tree.

How do you like to countdown to Christmas?

Christmas Traditions

There are many Christmas traditions that you might do only once or twice during the season, but are still important. Many people have a tradition that revolves around putting up the Christmas tree. Another tradition might involve driving around to see the many lights and decorations. Your family might enjoy watching specific Christmas movies, like White Christmas or Home Alone. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is baking treats to deliver to friends and family, especially as I must taste each treat.

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?

Christmas Eve Traditions

No matter how you arrive at December 24th, most people have specific tradition only for Christmas Eve. Many people might attend church, while others will watch or perform The Nativity. My family celebrates Christmas Eve by reading The Nativity.

Most people spend time with family or specific food Christmas Eve. Some people open all their gifts, while some open one and others none. My husband, Cree, and I have a debate every year about opening one present. He does not understand opening one gift on Christmas Eve, while it has always been a tradition in my family. I like to give my children a cozy gift, of a robe, or pajamas, or slippers, each year. That is usually the gift I have them open on Christmas Eve. Yet we still debate opening one gift.

This year we settled on a compromise, one that I hope continues. Instead of opening a gift on Christmas Eve we will have a Christmas Eve Basket. In the basket will be hot chocolate, popcorn, a movie, and the cozy gifts. Then each of us will change into pajamas, curl up with the hot chocolate and popcorn, and watch the Christmas movie. I really think the children will like this and I will too.

How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?

Christmas Day Traditions

Now Christmas day arrives. Most people begin the day opening presents. My family will then have a nice breakfast and spend the day playing with our gifts, ending the day with a nice dinner. Despite Christmas being the big day, I have not found many traditions involving it specifically.

How do you celebrate Christmas day?

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