What I Want My Children to Experience

children experience

This society has become reliant on technology. Some of it good, some of it not so good. Through technology, my children can have weekly face to face chats with their grandparents who live thousands of miles away. On the other hand, it can be common to have everyone stuck in front of a screen rather than conversation.

The other day while looking through facebook, I saw a post about a mom asking for cell phone recommendations for her 14 year old, as the previous had become glitchy. I’m not judging the way people raise their children. This is not that post. Reading that sparked memories of what I had to do as a child and what I wanted my children to experience.

I want my children to:

  • Understand the fear of your parent answering the call from your crush
  • Memorize their friends numbers, because they don’t have a phone to enter them in
  • Be afraid they might have to talk to parents of friends and crush
  • Wait until class ends to talk to a friend
  • Run outside in the rain and sun
  • Notice the beautiful trees, the rolling clouds, and pretty flowers as we drive
  • Read a book for the enjoyment of them
  • Learn to talk at the dinner table
  • Play board games
  • Connect with other people and have a face to face conversation
  • Find hobbies
  • Build a collection
  • Try to send someone to the moon, or fight dragons, save the prince or princess
  • Realize the struggle of approaching someone to ask them for a date

Basically I want my children to live life a little like I had to as cellphones did not come in my family until I was a teenager, and then for only my parents.

As I said, the advancement in technology has some good and some bad parts. I worry that my children will be less likely to be able to socialize and enjoy life without a phone in their hands.

What do you want your children to experience?

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