Michael paced around the circular room, his shoes thudding on the cement floor. His thoughts whirled as he waited. It was almost time. The countdown had begun.


Michael paused glancing up. The monitor caught his attention. A distinguished woman, dressed in a dark blue pantsuit, stood speaking behind a podium. Michael could not hear what she was saying, but it did not matter. He already knew.


Michael resumes pacing around the room. Briefly, he fingers the cellphone in his pocket. He considers calling his family, but no. It is too late.


The woman has stopped speaking and the camera pans the crowd. Michael notices that most of the crowd does not look surprised. He wondered what she said to keep everyone so calm.


A crackly sound fills the room, and he hears a man announce, “All rooms locked and ready.” Michael glances towards the speaker. They are cutting it close.


Pausing in his pacing, Michael takes a deep breath. Carefully he breaths in and out, attempting to calm his racing heart. He needs to be ready. It is almost time.


Michael turns as the door opens. A pretty, petite brunette woman enters the room and meets his gaze. He nods at her and she turns to shut and seal the door.


There are several other circular rooms, but this one is special. Michael knows he has an important task. Now that she has entered the room, it is time. He walks to the computer desk and turns on the machine.


Michael watches the loading bar. It moves quickly and within seconds it is ready. Looking at the woman, she steps forward and types numbers into the machine. Now they wait.


Michael stands with the woman watching the screens. News announcers flash across the screens. Each announcer looking calm and stoic. They don’t know when it will happen, but Michael does.


Despite all the worry from before, Michael stands calm and ready. The time has come. The countdown ended. Steadily Michaels reaches our a hand and pushes the red button.

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