Who am I? Character Prompt

character prompt

This week instead of doing a story prompt, I decided to do a character prompt. The characters and relationships were created from randomly selected music. Enjoy this character prompt.

Character 1: (Song: This is Me from The Greatest Showman) Mid 30’s, divorced, single mom. She has a young daughter and despite struggles, she tries to encourage her daughter to be strong by being strong. She has just finished her law degree and started working at a law firm. There is some bias, but she refuses to let them push her aside. She is determined to make a good life for her and her daughter.

Character 2: (Song: Pickin’ Wildflowers by Keith Anderson) As a laid back cowboy, he works hard and plays hard. Though considered a bit of a flirt, he is faithful. He doesn’t seem to have a job, but is never in need of money and frequently helps others.

Relationship: (Song: Just A Girl by No Doubt) They have a very adversarial relationship. Though he is good with her daughter, he makes remarks that gets her back up. It annoys her how he seems to only see her as a girl, not a capable woman.

Ending Relationship (Song: Little Good-Byes by SHeDAISY) After trying a relationship together, they are not able to overcome their fundamental difference. She eventually leaves him when given a better job offer.

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