Anywhere But Here


Tired, she dragged herself through the red front door. Dropping her purse on the table by the door, she flipped on the lights. It had been another grueling, tiresome day, but then she expected that of today.

As she walked to the kitchen to look in the fridge for something to eat, she remembered. The day started with a man cutting her off on the freeway. The man driving flipped her off as he did it. Work seemed filled with endless complaints from customers. Her boss had been out sick and the person in charge deliberately gave her the nastiest work.

She sighed closing the fridge. She didn’t really feel like eating, not today. Walking to the couch she sat down slumping against the pillows. Her parents had tried to call, so had her siblings and friends, but she ignored them. Talking did not appeal, not today.

Dropping her head, the tears traced down her cheeks. She could hardly believe only a year had passed. It felt like ten had already come and gone. Her heart felt hollow and heavy.

Only a year ago she had received the phone call, the visit. Only a year ago her life had shattered. It had only been one year.

Reaching up she turned on some mindless show on Netflix, as she wrapped her body in the old, crocheted blanket and pretended she was anywhere but here.

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