Once upon a time, four adventurers and a bard entered the shadowed woods. They had consulted a map and prepared rations. They felt ready to go. Little did they know what awaited them on this journey surrounded by woods.


Barely among the trees, a large treant stretched its clawed finger across their path.

The young wizard raised his staff casting a spell of invisibility over the group. Quietly the group sneaked past the clawed finger continuing on their path. The wizard waited until they had put some distance between them and the treant before removing the spell.

Tired and hungry the group continued. The little rogue quickly noticed a possible source of food next to the path. Testing it she found it safe for consummation, though she warned against the red and bumpy ones.

Satisfied, the group began the travels. Soon they noticed sticky strings covering the trees surrounding me.

Stopping the group, the Druid roamed carefully ahead, studying the ground. When she returned, she motioned them to follow.

Warning them to step where she stepped, she carefully led them away from the danger.

A little way past they hear a rushing sound. Carefully moving along the path the small group discovers a large, orange flowing river.

Coming to a bridge, the group stops to look at the river.

Deciding it was too dangerous, the group continues on the path, with the rogue and leader leading the way.

Tired, stopping for a small break, they notice they were surrounded by small plant-like objects. Some grouped together like families, while others stood alone.

Standing, the leader looked back at the group, and motioned for them to keep walking.

Finally, when hope began to wane, a light grew and the surrounding trees lessened. The group had survived another adventure. They were no longer surrounded.

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