Found Lost Boy

Lost Boy

Imagine the horror of realizing a school lost your 6-year-old child. I can. I have a son near that age. If ever my son became lost in this way I hope a good samaritan would find him and bring him home just like this story of a found lost boy.

Fox News posted a story titled “Mystery Texas woman returns boy to his family after he gets off at the wrong bus stop“. With my own children attending school, I immediately clicked open the article. In the article, a mother received a call from her older child saying that her young son had not gotten off the bus. The mother called the school in case he stayed there, but the school said he had gotten on the bus. The bus company said he never got on the bus.

At this point, I would be frantic. The mother quickly began driving the bus route looking for her son. Suddenly she received a notice from her alarm system, The Ring, about an unexpected movement at her front door. Amazingly, a sweet woman noticed this scared child running down a street. After stopping the child and noticing his address on a sticker, she brought him home. What an amazing outcome!

Opinion on Lost Boy Returned

News articles like these give hope. They show that good people live all over the world. Even in troubled times, when we feel distanced from others, good people live.

There are so many ways this story could have gone wrong. Like this mother, I am grateful to a sweet woman taking the time to return a young, lost boy. I hope we all take the time to remember the good and help each other a little during these times of struggle.

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