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Earlier this week, people noticed that the Catholic Pope Instagram page liked a picture of a model in lingerie. The Hill reported this in its article “Vatican, Instagram investigating Pope’s account liking lingerie model post“. Of course, there is now an investigation underway. They want to see who used the Pope’s account without permission.

As a prominent world figure and with 7 million followers many noticed the uncharacteristic liking of a model in lingerie from the Pope. The investigative group for the Pope have reached out to Instagram for help in finding the culprit. Also they have started an internal investigation into the team in charge of Instagram fro the Pope.

Despite the controversy most people have taken to accidental liking with good humor. The model’s management team joked that she had received the Pope’s Official Blessing. While the model replied that the like showed she was going to heaven.

Opinion On Pope Instagram Like

I love the sense of humor of the reactions to what happened. I understand that for the Pope and his team this shows a breach in behavior, which could be potentially serious ramifications. The Pope is supposed to be considered more spiritual.

Several things could have happened to result in this mistake. One could be malicious, the other accidental. I chose to think the like occurred accidentally. Possibly, one of the team members forgot to log out of the Pope’s Instagram account before looking around personally. He or She liked the photo still not realizing he or she used the wrong account. Though I don’t know what happened, it still is a funny accident.

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