The Debate on Dress

debate on dress

Early this month Harry Styles posted pictures of himself in dresses, starting a debate on dress. Several people have commented on his choice, most notably Candace Owens. She disagreed and commented that we needed to bring back “manly men”. MSNBC responded with the opinion article “Candace Owens mocks Harry Styles for wearing a dress. Did she forget about Jesus?

In the article, the author defends Harry Styles by commenting that many men considered manly wore dresses. The author stated, “that men have been rocking a diversity of clothing for centuries”. Then gives a list of “manly men” that includes, Jesus, Hercules, Harry VIII, Gandalf, and Supreme Court Judges. I had a few thoughts about this list.

Opinion on Debate on Dress

I’m not going to argue about whether men should wear dresses or manly men. I think people should be allowed to make their own choices. I’m not defending or debating anyone. Seriously, my opinions completely have to do with the list given.

First, the author mentioned Jesus. I have no issue with that. Jesus wore a robe, the style of the time. While I agree Jesus wanted us to help the poor, he did not agree with redistribution of wealth. He wanted all to make their own choices and if you had more than your neighbor, help them. It was about choice.

Next, the author lists two fictional characters: Hercules and Gandalf. I disagree with bringing in fictional characters as examples. These characters are created by their authors, not by society.

Third, the author mentions Henry VIII as a manly figure known for his excellent dress. Henry VIII was a king. I’ll bet he dressed well in order to show his stature. Though I wouldn’t consider him a great role model as he killed two women and started a new religion to divorce another. Not exactly my idea of a man I want to know better.

Finally in this debate on dress the author brings in the Supreme Court Judges. While they do wear robes, I would not term them wearing dresses. The judges wear the robes as an official uniform of their job. Also, I would bet most of them have regular clothes on underneath the robe, not just underwear like they would wearing a dress.

While I do not debate whether men can wear dresses, I do think the other could have used better examples. The author said his list was non exhaustive, so I would ask for a list that included good, real male role models of men considered manly men.

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