The Contract Killer

contract killer

The contract killer checked the mailbox. This was his final dead drop. He didn’t take jobs unless he felt like it. Only the most trusted knew of this box. One plain white envelope lay inside. Picking up he heard some clinking. Curious, but cautious he waited until he was secluded in his car.

Opening the envelope he pulled out 20 1 dollar bills and 42 cents in pennies. “Unusual payment,” he thought, pulling out the paper. The printed words looked carefully written, in childish handwriting. Some of the letters were printed backwards.

“Dear Sir,” the letter began

I want you to kil my dad. He is meen and herts me and mom.

We live at 15 J St.


He read the letter several times. He knew some children tended to exaggerate problems, but he chose to look into it. A part of him wished he knew how to contact some to have helped him with his father.

Casing the Job

Driving to 15 J St, he began watching. He watched steadily for two weeks. He noticed a man constantly drunk, a haggard-looking woman who worked at the nearby grocery store, and a dirty little girl that went to school. The mother and girl always wore long sleeves.

One evening after the man had come home drunk again, he crept close to the window. When he heard shouts he peaked in the open window and watched as the man proceeded to beat the woman until she passed out. He felt his face flush with heat when the man yelled “Katie!” and the little girl crept into the room. The man demanded the girl fix him dinner. As the girl tried to creep past the man slapped the girl across the face yelling at her to move faster.

Sneaking back to his car, he waited until all the lights in the house went out. Finally, he crept inside the house. the man laid passed out on the couch. Opening his small black case the man removed an insulin-filled needle. After administering the lethal dose, he waited. Soon the man stopped breathing.

Finishing the job, the contract killer quietly walked down the hall. Carefully opening the door, he sneaked into the little girl’s room. Whispering to the sleeping child he whispered, “Job done. You’re safe.”

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