Don’t Worry Secondhand Pot Won’t Kill You

decriminalize marijuana

ABC News informs of a new law in San Francisco titled “San Francisco bans smoking inside apartments; pot smoking OK“. In a 10-1 vote, lawmakers banned all tobacco smoking inside apartments. Concerned with the effects of secondhand tobacco smoke, they decided to ban it. They do not seem concerned about the effects of secondhand pot smoke.

In a twist, the ban did not include smoking marijuana in apartments. The supervisors said that banning marijuana smoking in apartments would remove the only legal place for people to smoke pot. So in a form of generosity, they removed smoking marijuana from the ordinance.

While the ordinance has been voted on once, it is not done. Voting on the ordinance will happen a second time. Then the mayor will need to sign it for it to go into effect. If this happens San Francisco will become the largest city with this ordinance.

Opinion on Secondhand Pot

This article strikes me as amusing. The officials want to ban tobacco smoking because of the effects of secondhand smoke, but give a pass to smoking pot. While I understand the legal reason it just seems funny. It feels more like the officials are making laws citing health concerns but really just like making rules. I applaud the desire to make the city safer but disagree with making laws just to make laws.

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