Santa and His Elf Nab Car Thieves

Santa and His Elf

ABC News gives an interesting story about Santa and his Elf in “Undercover police officers dressed as Santa Claus and his elf stop suspected car thieves in California“. Calling the case “Santa’s Intervention” undercover police officers dressed up and went to a shopping center. Soon the police discovered three men attempting to steal a car. When two men fled the scene, the officer dressed as Santa apprehended one thief. While the officer dressed as his elf apprehended the other man. Unfortunately, the third thief escaped in the stolen vehicle. The police were able to obtain his name and plan to arrest him.

The police have used this disguise in several undercover operation. They helped to arrest a woman trying to leave with an unpaid cart of merchandise. They also arrested a man for stealing $1000 worth of Lego sets.

Opinion on Santa and His Elf

How clever of these undercover officers. Dressing as they did, no one would look twice. Everyone expects to see Santa at shopping centers, so no one looks too closely. They may only be able to use this undercover operation once a year, but I’m glad it works.

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