Today in Religion – Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley

Remember Halley’s comet? Well, Edmond Halley, the person behind the name, proposed that a comet caused the Biblical flood. As result, the Royal Society censured him in 1694.

Dedicated to learning about space, Edmond Halley calculated longitudes and latitudes for 341 stars in the south Atlantic. This star chart established his reputation in the science community. Eventually, the Royal Society accepted him into their ranks. This society has the reputation of being one of the oldest national scientific societies.

Once he wrote and presented a paper about the Biblical Flood. He hypothesized that a comet crashing into the earth or fly near it could have created the conditions of the flood. The Royal Society censured that paper. Despite this, Edmond Halley went on to support Isaac Newton, and write other papers to advance astronomy.

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