Christmas Crack Recipe

Christmas Crack

I saw this Christmas Crack recipe on the blog “Passion for Savings” and I really wanted to try it because it looked delicious. I love chocolate and sugar. Also, it looked really simple and easy. Another two things I love, simple and easy. Plus I thought I could use what I had in the pantry and not spend a ton on money.

I did make one change. I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate. Instead, I used semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Review of Christmas Crack

Yum! Christmas Crack lived up to its name. It was delicious. The whole thing had a salted caramel topped with chocolate style without the cost. My husband tried it first. He went back for more, so did I and all my children. If I wasn’t trying to eat more healthy I would make this recipe almost weekly. Simple, easy, and delicious, I just want to eat more. Honestly, if I had a party to go to, I would take this treat.

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