Strip Clubs Stay Open

strip clubs stay open

Los Angeles reports that a “San Diego judge allows strip clubs to stay open, indicates restaurants could also reopen“. A San Diego County Superior Court Judge allowed two strip clubs to stay open and offer live dancing despite recent shutdowns. The judge indicated that this injunction extends to restaurants. According to the judge, restaurants helped maintain good morale and that made them essential.

Unfortunately, the wording of the ruling remains unclear to the restaurants. “It kind of says that restaurants can reopen but the caveat there may be that someone has to be stripping, which seems so wild to me,” Chad Cline, a restaurant owner said. “If that’s what it takes for us to reopen our businesses — taking off our clothes, I’ll do it.”

Opinion on Strip Clubs Stay Open

At this point, I would not be surprised if many restaurants willingly agree to allow some sort of stripping as long as they can serve customers. I agree that restaurants help maintain good morale. People need people. With all these stay-at-home orders lasting since March, we need a way to meet again. Restaurants help meet that need. I hope the judge clears up the confusion quickly and restaurants maintain open.

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