Gilligan’s Island Blasted by Passive Aggressive Neighbor

Gilligan's Island

The Daily Wire tells about a first world problem in “Judge Says California Billionaire Harassed Next Door Neighbors By Blasting ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Song At All Hours“. When the billionaire’s neighbor complained that a net in his yard blocked the view, the billionaire decided on unique revenge. He took the passive-aggressive approach. He played rap and 1960’s sitcom themes, like Gilligan’s Island, at all hours.

This resulted in the neighbor filing a civil harassment lawsuit. The billionaire responded with a returning lawsuit. The judge ruled in favor of the neighbor. They must stay further than 15 feet away from each other and the billionaire needs to follow noise ordinances.

Opinion on Gilligan’s Island

There are worst songs he could have played. I think this a perfect example of passive-aggressive behavior and first-world problems. I have a feeling the war has not finished among these neighbors.

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