Today in Religion – Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Bishop Pierre Cauchon received custody of Joan of Arc in 1431.

Known for her ability to inspire men to fight, Joan of Arc did not live long. Born during a time of endless war, Joan says she received a vision from several catholic saints telling her how to defeat the English. Gaining an audience with the dethroned French King, Joan convinced him to give her a chance.

After several victories, she proposed another attack on the English. During a retreat, Joan stayed at the back to make sure her men stayed safe. Unfortunately, she was captured. She tried to escape several times but did not succeed. Finally, her captors sent her to Bishop Pierre Cauchon.

Quickly, they started a trial, accusing Joan of heresy. She defended herself, but the jury refused to believe her. Eventually convicted, they burned her to ashes. The pope later nullified the trial. Later a pope promoted her to a patron saint of France.

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