Ambulance Crews Decide If Too Dead

ambulance crews

The Daily Wire tells about a “Los Angeles County Directive Tells Ambulance Crews Not To Transport Patients With ‘Virtually No Chance Of Survival’ To Hospital“. Basically, the ambulance crews decide if someone is mostly dead or slightly alive. The full hospitals in LA County have created this directive. The crews can not transport the people with no breath, no pulse, and no chance of resuscitation to the hospital. They can only take people breathing and stabilized.

Opinion on Directive for Ambulance Crews

I understand the reasoning behind the directive. LA County must feel in a war zone. With overflowing morgues and hospitals, resources need to go to the most likely to need them. This means that the people on the ground, the ambulance workers, have to decide if someone will need the help. Those that don’t need help or the dead should go somewhere else. I don’t really like this directive as I think everyone has a chance but I understand it. I hope they get things under control soon before too many mostly dead become all dead.

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