Protein Bar Review

Protein bar

I try to follow a certain amount of macros to lose weight. Also, following these macros help me stay healthy. I have noticed that if I keep to them I have fewer cravings. Unfortunately, I struggle with eating enough protein without going over in carbs and fat. To solve this issue, I buy a protein bar, but they cost a pretty penny.

I decided to try out homemade protein bars. I decided to start with the recipe I found on the blog Chocolate Covered Katie. The recipe only had four ingredients. I had something close to each ingredient already available.

Opinion on Protein Bar

So easy! The recipe came together in five minutes. I didn’t melt the chocolate and just added the chocolate chips to the dough, but melt the chocolate would only ad about another minute. I was just lazy. Also, I used chocolate protein powder, because we have a huge bottle from some early endeavor. This recipe was easy to add or change ingredients without killing the flavor. I added chia seeds to half the recipe with no problems.

The protein bar tasted like a peanut butter bar with bits of chocolate. I recommend melting the chocolate and putting it on top. I think it would have tasted better that way, so I learned my lesson. My husband did not really like it, but he hates protein bars. Besides thinking the chocolate needed to be added to the top, I thought it tasted alright. I would recommend it and will probably make this recipe again.

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