10 Rewards for Completing Goals


The best part of goals comes at the end, the rewards for succeeding. I struggle with choosing plausible and motivational rewards. Often my rewards cost too much or not motivational. The right reward must include what you truly desire at an affordable price. Sometimes you might need to do little extra planning, but generally the reward needs to be doable, so it can be motivational. Here are 10 suggestions.


  • Clean House – Hire someone to deep clean your house
  • New Clothes – Buy new outfits
  • Money – Apps like healthy wage offer money or you can put some money aside that you can’t have until you finish your goal.
  • Vacation – Give yourself a mini-vacation
  • Cruise – Some cruises can give really good deals
  • That thing you always wanted – Buy that one thing you want but don’t feel you can buy for yourself
  • Project Supplies – Have something you want to do but put it off, make it a reward
  • Day Out – Give yourself a day to do whatever you want, guilt-free
  • Try Someplace New – Give yourself the reward of going someplace new, even if slightly more expensive than normal
  • Subscription – Try out that box, food, or other subscriptions you want.

Basically, think about what you really want and make it your reward. Make it as big or small as needed to keep you going. For myself, after I reach my weight goal, I will go shopping for a new wardrobe. I think I might even throw in either a house cleaning or mini-vacation. What rewards help you?

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