Politics and Bridgerton

politics and bridgerton

Throughout the week I look through the different news channels search for something interesting. Sometimes I find articles that amuse and some that infuriate. While I try to share the amusing articles, I’ve decided to do a weekly rant about the more frustrating or infuriating items I’ve seen throughout the week. This week I chose politics and Bridgerton.


Let’s start with politics. This past week a group of people stormed capital hill while the congress certified the presidential votes. That was horrible and probably frightening for all involved. Mostly I feel sad for the police officers. They had to deal with a maddened group of people who forgot the peaceful part of peaceful protests.

What infuriates me is the news people and politicians that take this act by a few and apply it to many. They accuse all people who did not vote for Joe Biden as being the same as if they stormed the building. They then take this narrative and turn all these people into bigots and racists and want to send them to concentration camps.

Where did the possibility of having different ideas go? I find it ridiculous and cruel to accuse millions of people without even listening to them. Honestly the news people and politicians need to step off their high horse and start living and talking to real people.

My advice to politicians: actually serve the people that voted for you.

My advice to news people: Try thinking for yourself and let other viewpoints have a say.

Gives us back our chance to speak without fear.


On Christmas Eve, Netflix released a new show based on a series of books by Julia Quinn. This series follows the fictional Bridgerton family and friends in the Victorian age. The books are written as romance novels, so don’t expect completely accurate descriptions about the time period. Julia Quinn wrote a fun series and I love this author. I’ve read most of her books and look forward to what else she will write.

Now, I love the Bridgerton series. Each book is a delight and fun to read. It shows a great family dynamic. Saying this, I struggled to start watching the show because I knew that either the show would somewhat follow the books, or completely destroy it. That made me nervous.

Finally my husband and I watched it and I thought it did well. I knew they would not be able to exactly follow the novel, but they kept to the basic storyline. I did not even dislike the additions they added. My rant is not about the show but about a couple of reviews I saw about it.

Bridgerton Reviews

Now I will be perfectly honest, one review was on youtube and I did not watch the whole video. I only watched a little bit before stopping. The main complaint from this youtuber was that one of the main characters as a bigger character was not dressed in flattering styles. The other review that worked up my ire talked about how the show just seemed to show that pretty people get to be happy and ugly people get to be sad.

My response to both these reviews is an emphatic read the books! First, in the books we discover that Mrs. Featherington has no style, so of course her daughter, Penelope, the bigger girl, is dressed unflatteringly. It had nothing to do with size and everything to do with the storyline. Penelope gets a ugly duckling to swan storyline later.

Second, no these books do not emphasize beauty. Sure they portrayed Daphne as the beauty of the year in the show. It helped move the show along and show her older brother’s protectiveness. Before judging, remember that they based the show on romance novels and that people read those books to escape. Not everything has to have a political or social justice statement behind it. Sometimes good shows are just good shows.


Basically, people need to start thinking outside of their little boxes. Newspeople and politicians need to step out of their towers and actually pay attention to what happens. Look at both sides of the argument. It helps. I think people should know the full story before accusing people of deliberately doing something to be mean. Most people do not behave like that. Let’s try to be less judgemental.

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