Sanitizer in Chief – The Star if the Inauguration

sanitizer in chief

Fox tells about a new Twitter fascination in “Sanitizer in chief: Twitter loves Biden inauguration’s mystery podium cleaner“. It seems the podium true star of the Inauguration of Joe Biden was the podium sanitizer. Between each speaker, a gray-haired man cleaned of the podium.

Soon twitter blew up about this mystery man. They called him sanitizer in chief and podium sanitizer guy. They wondered who about the name of this diligent man. Some even suggested that Biden put him in charge of the coronavirus vaccination rollout.

Opinion on Sanitizer in Chief

This gray-haired gentleman deserved the praise. He did his job and he did it well. Though I admit that this says something about the inauguration. Despite all the high profile guests, the best-loved star of the event belonged to an unknown man wiping down the podium. Either the event bored the watchers or people just love a good mystery.

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