Obese and Fit Still Not Good

obese and fit

Fox News brings us new research results that say that “Being fit doesn’t outweigh the dangers of obesity, new study suggests“. Previous research stated that a fit lifestyle may combat the problems that come from extra weight. Basically, they said that obese and fit was a possibility. This research disagrees.

According to this research a fit lifestyle does not counteract the issues that come from having extra fat. Now the researchers agree that having a healthy active life will help lower health risks. Still, they say that obese people have a higher risk even if they stay active.

Opinion on Obese and Fit

My husband said “well, duh,” when I told him about the research. I had to agree. Extra fat increases the chances of heart problems, diabetes, and other health issues. In my case, the extra fat brought on my asthma and increased my likelihood of diabetes, a family problem. For this reason, I have started working on losing my extra fat.

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