10 Rules For Being an Adult

rules for being an adult

At the age of 18, we consider children adults. Looking back I disagree. At 18, I was a child, still figuring out life. Now, at 36, I still don’t feel like much of an adult. I decided to make a list of rules for being an adult, rather than a child in an adult body.

Rules For Being An Adult

  1. Pay your own bills – Never rely on others to take care of you
  2. Have reoccurring payments such as car or mortgage then see rule one – this helps with credit
  3. Make your own appointments – Rely on yourself
  4. Save money – a little safety net helps when things like COVID hits
  5. Plan a budget – The helps you know where all that money disappears
  6. Keep up your own health – You have to count on yourself and that means taking care of yourself
  7. Buy your own food and cook it yourself – Stop expecting others to do what you should do
  8. Find a hobby – We all need something to do
  9. Have a set of friends that last longer than a few months – If you go through friends quickly, you are either really young or need to take a closer look at yourself
  10. Most importantly, be responsible and respect others – All the rules boil down really to being responsible and respecting others. Show responsibility and respect and you show the maturity of an adult.

All these rules boil down to showing and behaving responsibly. A true adult may not have a job when you meet them. They may not live on their own. Still, if they follow these rules, people consider them adults. No matter how difficult, we all need to behave like adults eventually.

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