Million Dollars After Car Crash

million dollars

US News tells about a “Man Hits 2 Deer With New Car, Then He Hits $2M in Lottery“. On his way to work, a man crashed his car when he hit two deer. Upset, he went home and went to bed, as most people would do. The next day he woke up and decided to check his lottery tickets. Surprisingly, he had won the million dollars prize. When he turned it in, he received the 2x multiplier, receiving a total of two million dollars before tax.

Well, he went to pick up his money, which after-tax totaled 1.4 million dollars. He told people that he decided to help out his parents, fix and pay off his car, and help his niece. After that, he would put the rest into savings. All I have to say to this guy is congratulations.

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