Sleeping Through the COVID Pandemic


Fox news report about “Man wakes up from 11-month coma, as family weighs how to explain pandemic to him: report“. In the United Kingdom, in March 2020, a young man suffered a severe brain injury after a car accident. He ended up in a coma and just recently woke up missing the covid pandemic.

He entered the coma three weeks before the first lockdown in that country and stayed there until recently. His family now wonders how to tell him about what occurred during this past year. All they’ve said is that they could not visit in person due to virus restrictions. Happily, the young man is slowly recovering.

While I know many of us wish we could have slept away 2020, I don’t think this young man would agree. While in hospital, in his coma, he still caught Covid twice and recovered. I hope that did not hurt his recovery. I imagine that this feels a little like Rip Van Winkle waking up after his 100-year nap. The world has changed greatly.

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