Let Children Learn To Grow Up

children learn to grow up

This morning I went shopping with my three children. We had several things to buy. My middle child insisted on buying something. As I had other priorities, I told him not now. There will be other chances to buy things. He proceeded to throw a fit. Not the pounding the floor fit, but the crying, declaring the day miserable fit. Basically, my son acted like a child. Despite the possible embarrassment, I told my son to stop whining and continued shopping. He ultimately did not buy anything. I am letting my children learn to grow up.

Now, I look at the news and wonder when did parents and adults stop children from growing up. Why are these new adults still allowed to behave like my young son? How come they think throwing fits will get results? When did whining, complaining, and fit throwing become acceptable adult behavior? When did we stop letting children learn to grow up?

Discrimination Example for Need to Let Children Learn to Grow Up

Let’s take one example and contrast adult behavior actions versus childish behavior. One major issue that has plagued this year is discrimination or preferential treatment. Groups have said that minorities have received horrible discrimination. I’m not discussing whether they have or not. I’m discussing the behavior taken to create change they have taken.

Groups have stormed around towns, yelling, getting in fights, burning buildings, and rioting. Why? Well, they want people to give them more respect. They hope to create change. Does this sound like the behavior of an adult? No.

Now let’s look at another example. A group of people stood together and boycotted the discrimination they saw. Together they walked and sat in protest. They raised their voices and proclaimed the wrongs they saw, demanding change. They offered solutions and created conversation. Does this sound like the behavior of an adult? Yes!

The first group includes the current crop of people protesting. They yell, scream, threaten and destroy property. All things I expect of my younger children as they learn to grow up. The second group belonged to Martin Luther King Jr. They boycotted, wrote letters, walked in actually peaceful protests, and offered solutions. That is the actions of adults.

Stop the Violence. It Does Nothing

Why do we let these people get away with acting like children? Why does the government submit to their violent actions? We seem to accept mob rule. I disagree. The violence, the destruction needs to stop. Those people willing to engage in these childish behaviors should be submitted to the law. Then maybe these children will learn to grow up and create change in a way that will last.

Do you want peace and create change? Then stop creating resentment and fear. The change created by violence and sustained by violence results in nothing. Look to the French Revolution. They created violence and continued in violence. What happened? It became so bad they reinstated the monarchy.

The United States Revolution worked together. They did not kill all that stayed that disagreed with them. They created conversation, debate, and survived as an independent nation.

Let Children Learn to Grow Up

We need to stop enabling these children to pass as adults. Stop submitting to fits. It only creates more fits. Teach them to grow up and behave like adults. More will get done and more will change.

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