Howard Carter Discovers King Tut

Howard Carter

In 1923, Howard Carter opened the inner burial chamber of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb and finds the sarcophagus.

Though many archeologists had invaded the Valley of Kings, Howard Carter insisted that one tomb remained hidden. He convinced his patron Lord Carnarvon to support this idea and started searching. He searched for five years without success. Lord Carnarvon almost gave up hope but Carter convinced him to give him one more year.

Luckily for Carter, before the end of that year, he discovered the sealed tomb of King Tutankhamen. Once Lord Carnarvon joined Carter at the site, they opened the door. Inside many of the treasures laid in the tomb still remained. Finally, a few months after discovering the tomb, they entered that last chamber that contained the sarcophagus of the king. At this time the treasures belong to the museum in Cairo.

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