Death by Wine for the Duke of Clarence

duke of clarence

In 1478, King Edward IV of England convicted his younger brother, George the Duke of Clarence, of treason against him. He has the Duke privately executed in the Tower of London, though rumors say they drowned him in wine.

When Edward IV took the throne and elevated his young brother George to the Duke of Clarence. For many years they stayed close until the Earl of Warwick started influencing George. Against Edward’s wishes, George married a daughter of Warwick. He then conspired with Warwick to remove Edward IV from the throne. It worked.

Then George reconciled with Edward IV and helped to put him back on the throne. Things continued on well for a few years, but the brothers started quarreling again. After George left the court, Edward felt that George would try to take the throne so he had him convicted of treason.

They took to George to the Tower of London and privately put him to death. Most royals lost their heads, but when they saw the body of George he still had an attached head. The lent credence to the rumor that circled that George had been drowned in a vat of wine. Still, no one knows how George really died?

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