The Importance of MEPSfit


When I started MEPSfit, I did it with the goal of learning and sharing how to achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual fitness. All-around health depends on this type of fitness. We struggle more when one part is unfit. It takes a balancing act to keep it all together and helps maintain sanity in an insane world. I know the difficulty of maintaining this type of fitness, but I also know that it is possible. I fully believe we need to keep striving for MEPSfit.

MEPSfit – Mental


Mental refers to the mind or intelligence. Keeping mentally fit is important for being healthy. When you are not mentally fit, life feels boring. You start feeling tired more often. At times people that do not feel mentally fit want some drastic change in their life searching for mental fitness. Basically, not having mental fitness affects all areas of life, including how you act physically, feel emotionally, or spiritually.

Mental fitness means continuous learning and growing. It also means doing things that challenge and inspire the mind. For each person, this may be different. Some people need more mental challenges than others. Personally, I challenge myself mentally by writing about history, daily news, true crime, and prompts. I also work on projects like photography and sewing. Then for a light mental challenge, I love reading romance novels. Whatever your choice of mental challenge make sure to do it and not skip it.

MEPSfit – Emotional


Emotional is what it sounds like, referring to emotions or how you feel. Emotions often feel out of control. They take over the body and make us act without thinking. Honestly, it does not have to work that way. Most people regret actions done while reacting emotionally. Having emotional fitness helps improve the rest of your life. It allows you to think and react more in line with what you want to achieve.

For most people, as hard as it seems, how we react to emotions can be controlled. We can choose how we react to the emotion we feel. That control requires learning, practicing, and using. Some skills I use include taking a breath or two to calm down, walking away for a few minutes, or finding humor in the situation. Through this and more I can keep emotionally fit.

Now some people, including me, may need a little extra help staying emotionally fit. I struggle with depression and have for several years now. I need to take some medication to help keep my emotions at an almost normal level. With this medication and working on my emotional fitness, I keep my depression under some control. I also work with a psychologist. If you struggle with controlling emotions, no matter what you do, get help, please.

MEPSfit – Physical


Physical refers to the body you see. It encompasses skin, muscles, and physical health. You often hear about physical fitness with exercise and nutrition. These are important. Physical fitness effects mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness. When unfit physically, you struggle to do things that challenge you mentally. Emotionally, you may see the unfitness and struggle to break out of negative emotions over it. Spiritual fitness is effected because without physical fitness you do not feel yourself. Also, without physical fitness you can become more unhealthy all over.

There are many sites on the web that offer physical fitness advice. Many programs offer exercise and nutrition advice. Most importantly do something physically that will keep you healthy and keep you moving. Personally, I have slowly worked on my physical fitness as I noticed it effected my depression greatly. Once I reach my physical fitness goal I plan to continue staying physically fit by doing things I love.

MEPSfit – Spiritual


Most people consider spiritual as religious. While for me, I do put religious under spiritual that is not how I define it for MEPSfit. Spiritual fitness has to do with sense of self. We all have ideas and thoughts of who we are or who we should become. When we deviate from these ideas, it causes stress. Now some stress may help grow our sense of self and spiritual fitness. Straying in the opposite direction of it, makes us unfit. We stop trying in all areas of life. We need a spiritual fitness to stay healthy in mind and body.

Again, spiritual fitness is different for everyone. To find out how what you need for your spiritual fitness, I recommend brainstorming the perfect you. From there see what path you need to take to keep going in that direction. This will help with your spiritual fitness. For those that are religious, like me, spiritual fitness can also include how you feel and what you do with your religion.


As seen MEPSfit is important. Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual fitness affects every aspect of life. If one part becomes unfit then the rest start going downhill. Keeping MEPSfit will positively help your whole life. While not easy, it is important and needed. Don’t neglect one part to focus on another. I have personally seen the downhill spiral of neglecting any aspect of fitness. Now I work to keep fit body, mind, and spirit. This is the only way I have been able to succeed at even some of my goals. MEPSfit is important for a happy life. I would encourage anyone to complete a full mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual fitness for a happy, successful life.

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  1. Reading this retrospectively is pretty awesome! I love seeing how far you’ve come from this point. You seem to be practicing everything you preach, and it looks great on you 🙂

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