Do You Know What Your Children Are Learning?


Like thousands of other parents, I send my children to public school. I expect teachers to teach my children the basics of reading, writing, math, history, and science. Honestly, with all the knowledge available, I expect to gain a wide range of information about the subjects. Still, I can’t say I completely know what my children are learning while at school. Can you?

Government Involved in Learning

The government, federal and state, fund the public schools. They give the money for supplies and pay the teachers. Some of this money comes from the taxes we pay. Since the schools receive their livelihood from the government, they have to listen to them in regards to the curriculum. They can ask or demand certain information be included in the teaching. They can also tell what grade to start it at. Now, I doubt that the schools could say no if they want to keep their jobs, even if they disagree with the suggestions.

Even though most people express a dislike or distrust of politicians, we still trust schools. Should we? These politicians help to determine the curriculum, schedules, and running of the schools. If we don’t trust them normally, why do we trust them with our children? How often do you check what the school teaches your children, other than checking the report cards?

Parent Responsibility

Before you get too upset, let me emphasize that I believe most teachers and school employees really try their best. I find these teachers amazing, wonderful people and I admire the work and patience they have towards our children. I really am grateful for those teachers. None of what I say is to criticize these wonderful people.

No, I’m criticizing us as parents. Too long we have put the learning and teaching of our children into the hands of strangers, wonderful strangers, but still strangers. We have allowed the government to choose what our children learn without too much argument. I ask again, do you know what your children are learning?

As schools start opening, parents need to start taking more stock in their children’s learning. We need to know what information the schools push into our children’s minds. The job of teaching children belongs to the parents. Schools and teachers can help, but parents need to step up more in knowing what they learn. We, parents, need to support the schools, but also, we need to make sure our children learn correct information that will help them to grow into admired adults.

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