The Blur of Movement With Slower Shutter Speed

blur of movement

I finally continued my photography lesson book Visual Toolbox by David Duchemin. This lesson talked about using a slower shutter speed to create the feeling of movement. Well, my youngest daughter never stops moving. When she decided to run in a circle around the house, I pulled out my camera at snapped photos at slower and slower speeds. Eventually, she looks like a blur of movement in the photo. I started at 1/60sec and went to 1sec.

Blur of Movement Photos

I think using a slower speed really shows the blur of movement that happens. The picture feels alive. I did notice quickly that I needed to make sure I used ISO and aperture to keep the photos at a good light rather than too dark or bright. Remember a slower shutter speed lets in more light and use ISO and aperture to keep the light at a good spot.

I love the blur of movement the slower shutter speed gave to the photos. It really shows my daughter’s movement. Also, my children loved seeing the blur. My son called them a ghost because of the blur. When creating movement, try slowing the shutter speed.

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