The Joy of Getting Sent to The Principal


USA Today tells the touching story about how “An 8th grader wouldn’t take off his hat. Instead of sending him home, the principal helped fix his haircut.” When a student wouldn’t take off his hat in class, the teacher sent him to the principal. Undeterred about his actions, the principal talked to the student. He found out the young man had recently had a haircut and he didn’t like it. He then offered to fix the cut and showed the haircuts he’d often given his son. With permission received from the student and parents, he fixed the haircut.

According to school officials, he often helps fixes the problem rather than punish. When he had a student come in with shoes falling apart, he gave the student new shoes. Though this man does not like to announce his good deeds, those around him notice how much he helps his students. This man is a good principal.

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