Women’s History Month – March

women's history month

Did you know that each year the President of the United States issues a proclamation proclaiming March as Women’s History Month? Honestly, I didn’t. I did not know that there was even a Women’s History Month. Black History Month in February has become very popular and celebrated around the country. Still, Women’s History Month remains a fairly anonymous event, so I wanted to share a little light on this event.

Evolution From Week to Month

In 1978, in Sonoma, California, educators noticed that half of the world’s history was ignored. Schools did not teach about the contributions women had made to the sciences and arts. They decided to designate a week in March to specifically teach Women’s History and the contribution made by women.

This event became so popular that by 1980, the president designated a week in March as Women’s History Week. Groups formed that lobbied material to schools to teach about the contribution of women. States started forming specific teaching curriculum for this week. This continued for several years.

Many of the people realized they had to do major lobbying efforts each year, because the week start would change each year. Instead in 1986, several states declared March to be Women’s History Month, followed by a law from Congress in 1987 declaring the same for the country. In honor of women, the president will issue the proclamation honoring the history of women.

Purpose of Women’s History Month

Obviously, the purpose of the month is to discuss and learn about the history of women. For many years, men coddled women, thinking them to weak to handle science and even art. Still, women refused to back down and made great contributions. Women’s History Month helps to shed light on these great contributions.

Women have done many things over the course of history. Some of it has been pushed aside or not emphasized for the greatness they did. For example, women ran countries or served as spies. Women protested for the right to vote and equality. Women made major contributions to science. They even created great art and music.

As over half the population of the world, you can believe that women have done many great things. Women’s History Month gives us a chance to focus on these amazing accomplishments. Together, women and men have made all that we have today and all deserve us learning about them.

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