Governor DeSantis Faces Allegations of Bribery


MSNBC reports “‘No one’s surprised’: Trump ally, Gov. DeSantis facing vaccine bribery allegations“. The video talks about how seventeen rich people that donated to DeSantis’ election committee received vaccines in January. Though Governor DeSantis says he had nothing to do with where the first vaccines were distributed, MSNBC implies otherwise. In a conversation with a known fan of President Biden, they agree that DeSantis puts rich people first. The reporter implies this action of DeSantis if not equal at least on par with the nursing deaths of Governor Cuomo.

If I sound upset with this article, that’s because I am. I have no problem with reporting the allegations. I consider that part of keeping the people informed. The extremely biased way they presented this information upsets me.

Biased Information

First, they focused a lot on the fact that Trump supported DeSantis. Nothing about this allegation deserves the amount of time they used to show how Trump supported him. Trump’s support had nothing to do with the allegations, yet they spend quite a bit of time showing Trump’s support. Why? I can only imagine they wanted to try to get people against Trump to become bias against DeSantis.

Next, the reporter interviews a fan of President Biden. This person implies that DeSantis favoring rich people is normal for him. Yet they show no real evidence of this favor. They do not interview anyone else. If you are going to interview one side, also interview the other. That’s called fair journalism.

Lastly, the reporter implied that seventeen rich people receiving the vaccine in January equaled all the deaths in nursing homes from Governor Cuomo’s actions. I cannot honestly think that a few rich people receiving a vaccine even comes close to hundreds of deaths.

I try to report good and interesting news. Also, I try to look at all the different major national news networks. At this point, MSNBC shows the worst bias reporting. They do not even try to show both sides of an argument. My advice: try a different channel to receive actual news.

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