Watch Out for TacticalGrandma


I thought we could start the week off with something fun. NBC tells the story about how “This grandma will kill you with kindness — and in ‘Call of Duty’“. Michelle Statham, a 56-year-old grandma, joined the group of video game streamers a few years ago. Each weekday morning she gets up and starts streaming by nine in the morning. She prefers to play Call of Duty, with the screen name tacticalgrandma.

Like most streamers, she has a group of followers that she will talk to through chat. While not the largest, she has a good number of followers. Her followers enjoy her unique gaming experience. Though she plays Call of Duty, she likes to entertain, over winning. She checks on her followers and just tries to have a fun, entertaining time. Curious, try watching tacticalgrandma play. I bet she’ll teach her grandchildren how to play when they get old enough to understand the game.

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