Kicked Off Flights – Tale of the Too Safe Mask

kicked off flights

USA News tells about a “New Jersey man kicked off United flight for wearing scuba-style ‘Narwall’ mask“. We often hear the tale of people kicked off flights for not wearing masks. We’ve heard of families kicked off because a toddler refused to wear a mask. Now we can add the tale of people kicked off flights for wearing a too secure and safe mask.

When two men attempted to board a United Airlines flight in late January, the flight attendants kicked them off. They had committed the crime of wearing a mask they considered against the rules. The masks, called Narwall, had been built using a scuba diving design. It covered face in a kind of seal, then had a filter for inhales and a filter for exhales. This way the mask could safely protect from disease.

Though silly looking, that does not explain how the mask violated the airline rules. The story mentioned that someone said they have had difficulties with hearing in similar masks. Still, the news has no official word from the airline. What a crazy world we live in. Happy One Year Anniversary of the Official Declaration of the COVID Pandemic!

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