Once Upon A Time, We Had Freedom of Speech

freedom of speech

Once upon a time, not so long ago, people could have private conversations without concern of it leaking. Teachers could discuss their classes without the worry of losing their job. People understood and used freedom of speech. Once upon a time, people asked questions. Words that were spoken that sounded wrong could be explained without condemnation for mistakes. People could learn and grow. Once upon a time no longer exists.


While looking at ABC News, I noticed an article that Georgetown Law School fired a professor. The reason for her firing was because she mentioned in a private conversation with another professor, that black students consistently ended up in the lower end of the grade in her class. They called her racist and fired her. They placed the other professor on administrative leave pending an investigation.

How is noticing that black students tend to score lower consistently racist? Look at it this way. Would a college basketball coach remarking that white students consistently scored fewer goals than black students be racist? No. Why? Honestly, there are two reasons why it would not be considered racist. First, the students in question with the coach are white. For some reason, people do not consider negativity towards white-skinned people racist. Second, if the coach has the data to support his statement, then it would be an observation.

Now let’s go back to the ex Georgetown Law School professor. She did not say she scored the black students low. No, she said that she noticed that most of the lower scores belonged to the black students and it made her sad. That’s not racist. That’s noticing a problem.

Instead of firing her, they should give her a raise. She has noticed that consistently most students of color struggle with the subject she teaches. Therefore, they probably need a little extra help to do better. Maybe they should look to how to help the students rather than fire the professors noticing the problem and wanting to fix it.

Freedom of Speech

Google defines freedom of speech as “the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.” Look around. How often do you see people speaking without concern for censorship or restraint? It is easier to point out the people who have their lives ruined because someone disagreed with them. That’s not freedom of speech.

People should have the right to speak whatever they wish. People should also have the right to disagree. In regards to careers, yes I agree employers have the right to fire someone they feel does not meet their standards. Still, that person should be fired for a clear violation. Nothing said by the professors indicated racism. Just the opposite, it indicated concern. Stop allowing people to take away our freedom of speech. Let’s get back to the once upon a time.

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