Friends Reunited After 82 Years Apart


CBS News tells the wonderful story of “Two best friends separated by the Holocaust as children reunited 82 years later.” A dark part of our history, the Holocaust brought sadness to so many lives. Many people lost friends and family members, never to see them again. Luckily, two friends did not meet the same fate and found each other again after 82 years.

As young girls, they played together and became best friends. Then in 1939, their parents realized they needed to leave their homes to save their lives. The girls had to say goodbye. One family went to China, then the United States. The other family went to Chile. Both girls had their names changed. They never forgot each other.

The two girls grew up and started families of their own. Both spoke about their experiences with the Holocaust. Then one day a recorder of the Holocaust memories heard one of the women speak about her time and leaving her best friend. The name sounded familiar. She went looking through the records and found it. After a little more digging, she discovered that these two women were the two best friends that separated so long ago.

Both thought the other had died. With the help of family members, the two women reunited over a video conference call. As the family members said it, time seemed to drift away and the two women talked like the two best friends they were so long ago. In all the tragedy of the Holocaust, hearing these stories of joy help to show the wonderful side of humanity.

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