Spring Break With Children and Depression

spring break

It’s spring break here at my house. That means my son does not have public school and my oldest daughter can have her break when she finishes her last few assignments. It means lots of computer and television time and crazy mom, right? Not if I can help it. Also, I need to keep things under some sense of order, so that I don’t fall into a depression episode. This is what I do to handle it all.

Spring Break Guide

I’m not good at setting minute-by-minute schedules and keeping to it. My children do not follow them well anyways. Instead, I try to let them make choices on what they do, with some guidance. This means I give them a set of instructions. Then when completed, my children can choose how to spend their free time.

I want my children to spend some time working on intelligence and physical abilities. I also want a clean house. My instruction will include all of that. To start I sat the children down to eat and explained my instructions. They had to do their assigned chores, read for at least 30 minutes, and play outside for another 30 minutes. After that, they could choose to play computer or watch a show.

This style works for my children. My two younger children tend to work quickly and well probably have more free time. My oldest moves like she is walking through mud, slow. Maybe she will have free time by the end of the week. Basically, besides that designated one hour of forced learning, they decide how much free time they have. I like this way because I don’t feel like an evil stepmother and my children will learn to manage their time, hopefully. Let me know what works for you and your family.

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