Great Women of Today in the Public Eye

great women of today

Usually today I write about photography, but storms dominated this week. Also, I was having an off week and did not do much more than making sure no one died. Since I have no photography to share, I decided to continue with talking about Women’s History Month. I want to share with you two women in the public eye that I consider great women of today.

Kayleigh McEnany

Born in Tampa, Florida, Kayleigh McEnany started her interest in politics young. By high school, she worked for campaigns. After high school, she graduated from Georgetown Law School. She also appeared on several news stations. She was really vaulted into the public eye when she became the Press Secretary for former President Donald Trump in 2020.

Why should she be considered one of the great women of today? She came prepared. As Trump’s press secretary the media would constantly attack her, just like they attacked Trump. Instead of letting them get away with their attacks she came prepared. She took the attacks and turned it on to them. She also stayed true to her religion and family. Not many women could handle that kind of pressure and she did. She did it well.

Amy Coney Barrett

Born in New Orleans, Amy Coney Barrett grew up Roman Catholic. She then attended Notre Dame Law School and graduated summa cum laud. She has seven children and a career. In 2020, she reached the highest position in her career as a Supreme Court Judge.

Why should she be considered one of the great women of today? She has done it all with grace. She has a wonderful family and a career where she reached the top. During her nomination, the media and congress members attacked her and her family. They accused her of racism and letting her religion interfere with her judgment. Instead of attacking back, she answered calmly, clearly, and easily. She is a woman of grace in the face of great pressure.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s remember the great women of today. These women do not compromise on themselves while negativity pressures them from all sides. These women show our girls just how they should act. They are truly great women of today.

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