Colorado Mourns the Deaths of Ten People


NPR tells “10 People, Including Police Officer, Killed In Colorado Grocery Store Shooting“. Monday in Boulder, Colorado left the state stunned and citizens reeling from a mass shooting at a grocery store. Ten people including a police officer died in this shooting.

Police received word of the active shooter at around 2:50 PM local time. One person reported that their grandchildren saw a lady shot while waiting for COVID vaccinations. They ran upstairs to hide in the coat closet, turning off their phones to avoid detection. Another man says he entered the store to buy snacks when he heard something that sounded like an employee dropping something. Quickly he realized what was happening. He and others escaped to the back of the store where employees helped them leave through the loading dock.

By 4:15 PM local time, the authorities had cleared the store of all customers and workers and apprehended the shooter. They set up reuniting areas for people missing family members and started the investigation. Sadly, some people in Colorado said goodbye to a loved one going to the store, only to realize they said goodbye for life.

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