Patrick Henry – The Great Voice of Revolution

patrick henry

In 1775, Patrick Henry gave his famous speech, proclaiming “Give me liberty or give me death” in favor of Virginian troops joining the United States Revolutionary War.

Patrick Henry was an American from birth, as he was born in 1736 in Virginia. His father and uncle taught him for his early education. At only 15, he ran his father’s store, but that failed. Then when married he received some farmland but lost that as well. Finally, he ran a tavern while going to law school. Then in 1760, he joined the ranks of lawyers.

From the beginning, Patrick Henry supported the revolution. He spoke out against the stamp act in 1765. He helped to unite the colonies in favor of the revolution. Then in 1775, the Virginians met together to discuss the growing revolution. Here, Henry rose and spoke his fiery speech swaying people towards freedom. With his help, the revolution was won.

Afterward, Henry helped to build up the government. He favored a smaller central government. Then in 1790 he retired from political life and returned to his law practice. Preferring to stay with family, he refused offers of secretary of state, Supreme Court Justice, and Attorney General. He died in 1799.

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