Leaving Social Media for Better Mental Health

leaving social media

USA Today reports “Chrissy Teigen abruptly quits Twitter. 6 signs you need to unplug and ditch social media“. Though Chrissy Teigen, the actress, model, entrepreneur, was known for her sassy comments on Twitter, she has decided to leave Twitter. Not the first to leave social media, many famous people decide to leave for mental health. Teigen says that the negativity affected her mental health so much she decided on leaving social media.

Not a new phenomenon, many doctors have recommended leaving social media for better mental health. Some signs you need to take a break from social media include constant checking, comparing yourself to others and real-life interactions suffer. They also warn about feeling off about stuff on social media, viewing self negatively, and anxiety or depression from viewing social media.

If you feel any of this with your social media, take a break. Some small steps to make include turning off notifications and stop scrolling an hour before bed. Make sure to take time to go outside and interact with real people more. Also, you can try setting a time limit on your time online to help. This will greatly improve your mental health.

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