Setting a Dangerous Precedence

dangerous precedence

I look out at this world, read the news, and wonder what happened to us. We have not changed for the better. Rather we have changed for the worse. All I can think is that we are setting dangerous precedence and making a mess. Our society has gone from moving in the way to actually including all, to putting people in boxes and separating them. We are more divided today than we were even ten years ago. This is not a good thing.

Changing Gendered Language

Recently I read an article in USA Today about people changing the language to be more gender-inclusive. They cite how some people don’t identify as man or woman. To show the respect they say we should use non-gendered language. Some places encourage employees to wear their pronouns on their name tag.

This change of language has been happening for years. While I agree with changing some things to show that women also do certain roles, such as fireman to a firefighter, I think this goes too far. It says that gender is a social construct and allows people to identify any way they want in a job. It makes no sense. Are jobs going to have to hire people identifying as animals and treat them like that?

Plus instead of showing inclusiveness, they make things worse. It does not allow people to make mistakes and fix them. It does not allow compassion. We see too many people getting overly upset about accidental gender slips. If this keeps going, people will start going to jail for it. There are two genders, male and female. That’s it. It includes everyone, except people trying to be extra special. Most transgender people I met go by male or female, not something random and in between. There is no need to add or take away genders as there are only two. It sets dangerous precedence to try and include all made-up genders.

Reparations to Black People

CBS News tells about a Chicago suburb that will pay reparations to 16 black families that meet certain criteria. They are saying this is reparations, but not exactly what they want to fix. The idea for this suburb is that contractors and banks will be paid the money to fix homes. This sets a dangerous precedence as the article implies that other cities will follow this path.

Again, this makes no sense. Why are we paying black people? What are the criteria? I’ve heard it argued that black people should be paid for their slavery. Yet, no one in this generation or previous generation or generation before that lived in slavery in the United States. Slavery has been banned for over 150 years. While that part of our history is sad, it is too late to really repair anything. They died a long time ago.

Now people might say we need to make reparations for all the racism. Okay, then I say act like anyone else. If you have proof of racism directed at you, then sue them. Make them pay for it. Stop making people who are just trying to live their lives and get along with everyone, pay for a few bad apples. The United States has rules that stop racism, so there are legal ways to stop racism with no need for reparations from the government.

Making language more gender-inclusive to fake genders and making reparations to black people sets a dangerous precedence. Ultimately, this will not help fix anything. I would bet it makes life more difficult for everyone. Stop pandering to the whines of the few. For those determined to find something wrong, nothing will help. Instead, let’s focus on helping each other.

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